• Donavan Hall

    Donavan Hall

    Black stringy hair, brown eyes, farmers tan, mustache, 5'4", 128lbs
  • Laff Endcri

    Laff Endcri

    Flaming Red Hair, two tuffs of hair on either side of the chin , ruddy red skin, 3'4", 67lbs
  • Raz'a'eil


    5'6", 156lbs, Dusty gray skin, Souless black eyes, White spiral tattoos on either side of his neck and on both hands
  • Saer Trible "Jinks" Jacabode

    Saer Trible "Jinks" Jacabode

    6", 3.2oz, Blonde hair, Green eyes, dragonfly wings, pale skin, corded muscular frame, Black and White Renisance Garb with sized rapier and crossbow, messenger for the Fey Elite of Na Ailtire