Once upon a time a story would be told, a princess would be saved, a dragon slayed, the hero would save the day, and evil would fall to all that is good, and everyone would live happily ever after, but this is not that tale. There are stories and then …

There are Legends

This being an acounting of the Exploits of Préachán cuid Stoirm

By Laff Endcri, Bard, Historian, Philosopher, Wittness of a new age

On the Continent of Goidelic lies the unclaimed lands of Nod. A land of temperate forest, rolling plains, mighty rivers that flow into muddy lakes, and hills that rise to mountains. All of which are home to hamlets and city states alike. One such city state is Na Ailtire a place where anything can happen and usally does.

The Nations that make up Goidelic are on the verge of war with bloodfueds, precieved slights, and religous diffrences fuleing the fires. Ancient evils are awaking in ever courner of this land. New enemies from distant lands surround the people of Goidelic threating conquest and slavery.

Goidelic: Dawn of a New Age